2020 Utopias Live Playthrough, Overkill Festival, Enschede
2019 Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates, panke.gallery, Berlin
2019 A Gallery, Avant Beetle, Atlanta
2018 Breakoff Art Book Fair, Taiwan
2018 Total Immersion, State of the Art, Berlin
2018 Slamdance DIG, Slamdance, Los Angeles
2018 Fantastic Arcade, Austin
2018 AAA Presents Data Mutations: Game of the Year Edition, A MAZE. Festival, Berlin
2018 transmediale Vorspiel Opening, transmediale, Berlin
2017 Games Not Games, Electromuseum
2017 Dark Technology Dark Web, Spektrum, Berlin
2016 The Arcade #2: Dystropicana, HAL Atelierhaus, Leipzig



2020 Winner: A Maze., Audience Choice Award
2020 Nominee: A Maze., Most Amazing Award
2018 Nominee: A Maze., Collider Award



2020 Kollektives Arbeiten als Gesellschaftsutopie, Leipzig

2020 No Budget, No Bosses, Freeplay Independent Games Festival Livestream

2020 Play or Get Played, Disruptive Fridays Livestream

2020 Scope Sessions Edition 89, Berlin
2019 Tactics for Radical Collaboration, transmediale, Berlin
2018 AAA - eGames (the Art of Serious Games), panke.gallery, Berlin
2018 AAA: Acid Games, Università IULM, Milan



2015-2018 aaartgames, Spektrum, Berlin



2021 New Game+, Games of the Year: 2020, by Zsolt David
2020 Edge Magazine Issue 347, Artists Assemble, by Lewis Gordon
2020 Utopian Horizons podcast interview
2020 Away From Keyboard podcast interview
2020 ‘Utopias’ Asks Us to Imagine a Better Future Together, by Lewis Gordon (VICE)
2019 IBORG Talks: Utopia (AAA), IBORG
2018 Arte Tracks, Game Engine Art, Arte
2018 OUTERMODE, Data Mutations Shows Us An Alternate World of Videogame Development, by Edmund Toomey
2017 CAMP, Hyphen, Interview with Rachael Rosen
2017 Itching for More, Dystropicana, by Pip Turner
2017 Itch Game of the Week, Dystropicana, by Owen Ketillson