Utopias Release Party a Total Success - Thanks to Everyone!

On December 5 we had our Utopias: Navigating Without Coordinates Release Party at panke.gallery.

The culmination of two years worth of (unpaid, unknown) work, what was once contained within private meetings and sleepless nights was released into the world. Seeing so many people watch the whole 1.5 hour live play through of the game was an honour that really made all the work worth it. Knowing that we’ve built our own community from the ground up is something we’re proud of.

Thank you to BUNGALOVV ( TRRUENO / Infinite Machine) for the DJ set. It was the perfect mood for the post event.

Furthermore, thank you to Andrew Knight for volunteering to interview us and film the event. Look forward to a short documentary about AAA sometime in the future from him!

Utopias will be available to download mid February next year for download on both Windows and Mac. Subscribe to our mailing list and/or social media to stay updated with our future releases and events.

See you in the new decade. Another world is possible.

Chloê, Fedya, Gabriel, Jack, Jessica, Matias, Merle, Nick, Tristan, Troy


Full house for the Lets Play!
The AAA Play Station.
Bubas, the king of Panke!
Chloe and Jira returning home with mounds of AAA trash the next day.
AAA Member Fedya flew in from Moscow just for the event! A sleep well deserved. Sweet dreams xoxo.